District 7 Meeting

COLT Conference

Oct 9, 2001



            DistrictChairman, Rick Metzger at 6:04 pm in theWestfall H.S. ag room, called the meeting to order.


New Teachers to the district were introduced.


Minutes were read and approved

Treasury shows a balance of $9.49


Old Business:

            Districtcalendar changes:

                        Agsales has been changed from Feb 18 to Feb. 19 due to Presidents Day

                        DistAg Mechanics is subject to change, info will be sent later.


Committee Reports


            OAAE: Cyndi Brill asked that everyonecheck their membership status on the

                          states website.  Manymistakes have been found.

                        Mentorprogram is also in place for new teachers. Call Cyndi for details.


            Legislative: No report


Camp: Scott Sharp reported  982 FFA campers and 98 advisors were at camp this

    past summer. Many changes are coming for 2002including a 5th camp session,

    a new nurses station, a high power rifle range,log cabins for small groups and

              2 weekends of greenhand camp. The waste water treatment still needsupdating

              and a quarterly newsletter are goals for camp.


            CDETom Holton reported thatthey are meeting soon. Submit any changes to                            him. 

Susan Crank moved that 1st place individuals shouldbe allowed to repeat contest even if individual was on a first place team. Thisapplies to non national contest. Many of her contest areas do not have a National CDE.

Loren Young 2nd         

Motion passed

Brian Breece moved that the Forestry CDE be moved back to the oldforms.

Tom Holton 2nd

Motion passed



Fruit Sales- Chuck Miller  asked that everyone return their reportforms back to

        him after sales. Every school was mailed a copy.


            Foundation– No report       


            Trophies– Jeff Tilley movedthat top 4 teams and top 5 individuals be awarded

providing thatthe team is a complete team for district awards.

                               JeffEllis – 2nd



Ethics -   No report


Alumni – Jeff Ellis   reported that state awards arebeing judged on Sat. Oct.13

                                    District7 will have an opening for Dist. 7 council member,

 election at state convention Jan 26,2002, Holiday Inn on Lane


New Business:


            Countychairman were selected:

                        Fairfield– Chuck Miller

                        Knox     -   Brian Breece

                        Licking-    Ron Thompson

                        Franklin  - Susan Crank

                        Pickway  -   Susan Metzger

                        Ross       -   Andrew Delong


            LorenYoung moved that District 7 FFA dues beset at $1 per student for 1 year.

            JeffTilley 2nd

            MotionPassed  25-7


            JeffTilley moved that meeting be adjourned

            DonBucher 2nd

            Motionpassed – meeting adjourned 6:40  pm



Respectfully submitted

Jeff Ellis, Secretary/Treasurer