The spring meeting of the District 7 agricultural educatorswas held on April 7, 2005 at Lancaster High School, and was called to order at4:50 pm by President Christi Bachman. Craig Wiget provided the following State Department information: 

·      Whensending email to teachers in the district, the following email address must beused:

Do not “cut and paste” the address whenemailing.  The address must beretyped with each correspondence.

·      Entriesfor the Ohio State Fair must be submitted by June 20, 2005.  Additional information concerning thefair may be found at the following website:

·      HOTconference will be held June 14-15, 2005 at the ATI campus in Wooster.  Information will be targeted towards agscience and agribusiness/production areas.  Registration is $150. Cut off for rooms at the Best Western is May 29th.  Tours through Wayne county will befeatured.   Pre-registrationand details of the conference is available on the Ohio FFA website.

·      OhioACTE conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Cincinnati on

     August 3-5, 2005.  Check the web site, for more details.

·      OAAEsummer conference will August 16, 2005 at Tolles Tech.  Updates on the state ag ed departmentand FFA activities will be discussed. The website for additional information is:

·      Teachersare asked to correctly input information for EMIS.  Improper data will cost money for the school district.  Comprehensive high schools need toschedule students by grade level. Ag Science is for 9th and 10th graders, Ag Business& Production is for 11th & 12th graders.  A “M29 error” could result if studentsare entered into two areas, ag science and ag business/production.  Use the higher level listing for thosestudents.

·      SupplementalEquipment Funds are available through a grant process.  Equipment needed to be purchasedbetween 6/1/2004 and 6/30/2005.  These dates correspond with the .57 weighted funds.  Available funds for the ’05-’06 yearwill depend upon the new budget.

·      OhioFFA convention will have entrance fees of $15/member and $5/adult.  Check the Ohio FFA website foradditional information.

·      Restructuringof the Ohio FFA Board of Trustees is under consideration.  The governing committee would consistof a local ag ed supervisor, teacher educator representative, local schooladministrator and five ag ed teachers. The governing board would select a teacher from each district to be aregional representative for the board. 

·      FFAevaluations consisted of 630 state degrees submitted. 121 degrees weredisqualified.  If the applicant wasdisqualified on something other than their SAE, the student can go throughanother review.  A fee will beassessed.  Suggestions for nextyear evaluations need to be emailed to Steve Gratz. 

·      Teachersare asked to make sure they are following quality  programming standards. Standards should be acceptable by their advisory committee, measurable,and improvement driven.

·      JohnCollett reported that the FFA race day is 8/20/2005.  People attending do not have to be FFA members.  People wanting to get into the “pitareas” must be 18 years old.

·      ChevyScholarship Program will have FFA enrollment until 4/30/2005.  Dealership enrollment will be from4/30/05 through 6/30/05.  Theprogram will operate 8/15/05 through 11/7/05.  Donations are being asked for a ticket.  Last year over $193,000 was raised.


OAAE Business Meeting

Cindi Williams moved and Brian Breece seconded the motion toaccept the secretary and treasurer report.  Treasury contains $1141.18.

Committee Reports

Membership – Duesare $260 if paid before July 1st, after that date they will be$290.  Payroll deduction ispossible for your convenience.

Legislative –information pertaining to legislative have been emailed to teachers.

Camp – Cost for campthis year will be $100.  If sendingten or more FFA members, the teachers are asked to stay with them during thecamp.

CDE Advisory – District 7 will add a contest date for the foodscience CDE.  No complaints werereceived having the state spring contest and the wildlife/nature contestrunning concurrently.  Reviewrepresentatives from District 7 for CDE’s were suggested:  Rick Metzger, parli pro; Scott Sharp,ag communication; Lauren Young, general livestock & greenhand quiz; JeffTilley, forestry & wildlife. Any changes made would be for the 2007-2008 year.  Rich Brill moved that District 7 isopposed to losing district representation on the CDE advisory committee.  Jeff Tilley seconded the motion.  Motion passed and will be taken to theCDE advisory committee for concerns.  

Fruit – John Collettasked that chapters work with suppliers that are willing to put a kickback fromsales to the FFA foundation. 

Trophies – JeffTilley asked that teachers check the spelling of the winners.  Plaques will have black plastic withgold lettering.

Ethics – none

Alumni – Blue andGold Classic is July 12, 2005. Leadership conference will take place at the end of July


New Business

The district calendar was reviewed.  Fall meeting will be September 1,2005.  Food Science CDE will beNovember 17, 2005 at Canal Winchester. Parli Pro CDE will be held at Clearfork instead of Westfall.  Pickaway County will have their publicspeaking run-off on February 2nd or 16th (schedulespending).  Spring meeting will beheld April 6, 2006 at Lancaster with officer and COLT training.   State convention is May 4-6,2006.

Items for Delegate Council – none

Elections – JeffEllis, Chair & Alumni; Debbie Dugan, Secretary; Susan Metzger, Treasurer;Cindi Brill, OAAE membership; Garrett Swendal, Legislative  Scott Sharp, Camp board; Tom Holton,CDE advisory; Chuck Miller, Fruit Coordinator & FFA Foundation; JeffTilley, Trophies; Kay Holton, Ethics.

District Concerns –State degrees having current semester grade on their transcript. 

Scott Sharp moved that District 7 support the review committeeof 1 representative from each district to review all state degrees forcorrectable errors.  Steve Priestseconded the motion.  Motionpassed. 


Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM by Jeff Ellis.  Seconded by Dan Raubenolt. 


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Metzger