District 7 Evaluation Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Thewinter meeting of the District 7 Agricultural Educators / District Evaluationswas held on February 5, 2008 at the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  The meeting was called to order at 9:25a.m. by President-Jeff Ellis. 











Š      District President Elections/ Training

o     Candidates must still gothru the state selection process and will be elected at the District OfficerTraining.

o     Dan Raubenolt moved tochange District Officer Training from April 10th to April 17thbecause of State Officer Interviews being April 12 this year.  2nd by Steven Priest. Motionpassed. 

o     Christie Bachman movedto have teachers conduct the officers’ session at District OfficerTraining.  2nd by RickMetzger.  Motion passed. 


Š      District Dues

o     Susan Metzger proposedthe idea of using district funds to purchase gift cards to compensate judgesfor all district contests. 

o     Cindy Brill moved to puta budget together and bring it to the Spring District Meetings and discuss itthen.  2nd by Jeff Tilley(who volunteered to coordinate). Motion Passed. 


Š      Upcoming District Dates

o     Public Speaking isTuesday, February 19th at Pickaway-Ross JVS

o     District Tractor TroubleShooting Contest is February 27th.

o     District MechanicsContest is March 11th.

o     District Small EnginesContest is April 8th.

o     District OfficerTraining is April 17th at Lancaster. 


Š      Items for DelegateCouncil—

o     Loren Young is still ourdistrict representative. 


Š      Award Nominees forOutstanding Young Member, Teacher, Program, Adult Program, Ideas Unlimited, andTeachers Turn the Key, etc.  Allapplications are available online and are due to Valerie Graham no later thanApril 1st.  If you haveany questions regarding any of those contact Valerie.


Š      Announcements

o     Post-Evaluations will beat Fairfield Union from 3-5:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 7th.


Š      Adjournment

o     Motion to adjourn by RyanRismiller 2nd by Steven Priest.  Motion Passed.









Respectfully Submitted,




Debra Burden

Secretary/Asst. Chair