District 7 Spring Meeting Minutes

5/4/10—Hocking College of Energy Institute

4:00 p.m.


The spring meeting of theDistrict 7 Agricultural Educators was held on May 4, 2010 at the HockingCollege of Energy Institute.  Themeeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by President—Scott Sharp. 














á      District Calendar waspassed out.  

o     District 7 Ag Teachersmeeting- Sept 2, 4pm at Amanda Clearcreek

o     District 7 Soils- Sept28th-9am- Licking County

o     Knox County ForestryInvitational-Sept. 23rd, 3pm.- Knox Woods

o     District 7 AgriculturalCommunications- Nov 9th, 3:30pm- Amanda Clearcreek

o     District 7 FoodScience-  Nov 16th,3:30pm- Zane Trace High School

o     State FFA OfficerLeadership Might- Nov 17th, 6pm- Amanda Clearcreek

o     District 7 ParliamentaryProcedure- Dec 8th, 3pm- Westfall High School

o     District 7 JobInterview- Feb 9th, 3pm-Lancaster

o     District 7 AgriculturalSales- Feb 9th, 3pm- Lancaster

o     District 7 AwardsEvaluation and Meeting- Feb 3rd, 9am- ODA

o     District 7 PublicSpeaking- Feb 17th, 3pm- Amanda Clearcreek

o     District 7 Agriculturaland Industrial Diagnostics- Feb 23rd, 4pm- Westfall High School

o     District 7 AgriculturalMechanics Skills- March 8th, 3pm- Teays Valley

o     District 7 Outdoor PowerEquipment- April 5th, 3pm- Teays Valley

o     District 7 OfficerTraining- March 17th, Fairfield Union




á      Items for DelegateCouncil / State CDE—

o     None



á      Announcements

o     None. 


á      Adjournment

o     Cassie Palsgrove movedto adjourn.  2nd bySteve Priest.   Motion Passed.





Respectfully Submitted, Sabrina Piper