District 7  Evaluation Meeting

February 2, 2012

Evaluation meeting was held on Feb,2 2012 at the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture .  Meeting was called to order by President Rick Metzger at 9:10 am.

      Secretary Report – Jeff Ellis  - read and approved.

      Treasurer Report – Susan Metzger

o   Balance of Feb 2 2012 was $661.22

o   Food expense of $134.16

o   District Dues set at $.50 per member – Invoice on Dist 7 web page.

o   9 schools need to have dues submitted

o   Moved by Brian Breece to accept report, 2nd by Cassie Palsgrove. Passed

o   Moved by Cassie Palsgrove that Schools who fail to pay district dues are ineligible to participate in district events the following year. 2nd by Jeff Tilley. Tom Holton moved to postpone motion definitely until March 14th officer training. Matt Wead 2nd Motion Passed

      Jeff Tilley –

o    Colt Conference for next fall will move from Vets Memorial to the Statehouse. A new format is planned

o   Encourage students to visit with their elected officials the first day of State Convention

      OAAE – Gina Anderson

o   Please join.  We make our students FFA members why are you not part of OAAE?

o   Contact Mike Derringer for payment options.

      CDE – Tom Holton

o   AIDS contest at Utica Agritrac on Sat Feb 11th  2 times to compete 8:00 and 11:30am. Contact host for preference.

o   Online test for AIDS Feb 9th

o   Online test for Ag Sales Feb 16th

o   Job Interview Weds Feb 8th Lancaster HS watch for email with times.

o   Public Speaking Feb 16th Amanda Clearcreek HS.  First come first served.  Please have transcripts snail mailed to Scott by Monday Feb 13

o   CDE scoring to count 3 of 4 scores.  Winning teams must have 4 members in order to advance to National level of competition. Teams with less than 4 may not advance even if they win.

o   A National Parli Pro Contest is planned for next years National Convention. It will be hosted by Dunbar. Watch for more info.

o   Energy CDE is in planning stages. Contact Tom Holton if you are interested in being a part of this new contest design.

o   District Scheduling for next year,  please bring ideas and concerns to the District Officer training March 14 at Fairfield Union  ( This is not a teachers meeting per Loren Young)

o                           Moved to recommend the Greenhand contest be moved to a new date in November or December.  Adam Staley 2nd Motion Fails  6 to14

o   Jeff Tilley moved to recommend that CDE test be made available to students after they are given. Steve Priest 2nd   Motion Passed


      Camp Board –Cassie Palsgrove

o   Renovation to current latrines. Initial plans have been submitted. New name suggestions are being accepted.

o   Options for a new multi-purpose building are being explored.  Will hold nature center and all campers for programs during camp.

o   Utica Shale oil lease money may help. Not finalized.

o   Total campers for 2011 were up.  1263 FFA members attended camp.

o   Cost for 2012 to increase $5.00 to $170 per camper per week.  Still a bargin.


      Advisory Committee  - Rachel Garrett

o   No report.

      Mentorship- Cassie Palsgrove

o   Cards were sent to new teachers to check on their progress.

      Alumni – Jeff Ellis

o   40th Alumni meeting held Jan 26th.

o   Alumni rosters due April 1st


      Kevin Williams

o   CTE , Are you working on it?

o   Inquiry Institute coming again this year.  2 days during HOT Conference (Weds, Thurs) 2 days in Nov. 2 days in March.  State Agriscience Fair part of the program this year.

o   Student and Advisor needed to host FFA Display at State Convention call Kevin to volunteer your group.

o   Register your chapter with Ag Career Network for your FFA rosters.  People Soft is gone can no longer use.  Contact Brenda if you have roster issues.

o   State Convention information is on Ohio FFA website.


      New Business

o   Vote for District  7 Vice Chair;  Nominees Jennifer Johnston, Brian Breece

o   Steve Priest moved to close nominations. 2nd by Tom Holton  Motion passed

o   Brian Breece Elected


      State Evaluations : March 3-4 2012 at Ohio FFA Center.  3 teachers from District 7 needed to evaluate.  President Metzger asked for volunteers.

o   Keller Moore, Racheal Sears, Jennifer Johnston agreed to help.

Items for Delegate council : None

Meeting adjourned at 10:35 am with evaluations following


Respectfully submitted




Jeff Ellis