District 7 Spring Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015


The Spring Meeting of the District 7 Agricultural Educators was held on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at the Ohio FFA Center.  The meeting was called to order at 4:02 p.m. by President-Brian Breece. 



































á       New Business         

o   Calendar Dates for 2015-16 School year were tentatively set.  Please see the attached schedule.  Those that were not in attendance that are hosting a contest, please check those dates as soon as possible to make sure that they work with your school calendar. 








o   New District Officers were elected and are as follows: 

¤  President—Rachel Scior

¤  Vice President—Tom Holton

¤  Secretary—Alyssa Swinehart

¤  Treasurer—Susan Metzger

¤  Legislative—Scott Sharp

¤  Membership—Gina Neff

¤  CDEÕs—Debra Burden

¤  Advisory—Matt Weade

¤  Camp Board—Adam Staley

¤  Mentor—Susan Metzger

¤  Trophies—Jeff Tilley

¤  Alumni—Jeff Ellis




o   Kevin Williams then gave us updates from ODE.  Please see the presentation information in your email. 




o   Rachel Scior moved to adjourn the business meeting.  Matt Dotson seconded it.  Motion passed. 






Respectfully Submitted,

Debra Burden

Debra Burden

District 7 FFA Secretary






See the 2015-16 Tentative District Calendar of Events on the next page.



















2015-2016 District 7 Calendar of Events

(as of April 20, 2015)



DATE         EVENT                                           PLACE                          TIME


8/26                 Ag Teachers Fall Meeting                               FFA Center                             4:00pm


TBA                OLLC Legislative Conference             Ohio Statehouse


9/24                 Knox Co. District 7 Forestry CDE                Knox Woods                           3:00pm


10/1                 Soils CDE (Knox  County)                             ____TBA        _                      9:00AM                                                                                                                                  (Practice pit opens at 8:00 a.m.)


TBA                Fruit sales State wide starting date


11/16               Food Science CDE  (max 16/school)               Zane Trace HS                        4:00pm


11/18               Leadership Night                                            Amanda CC                            6:00pm??


11/23               Job Interview  CDE                                        Clear Fork                               4:00 PM      


12/7                 Parliamentary Procedure CDE                        Danville                                   4:00pm


2/8                   Regional Evaluation Meeting (w/District 6)   Ohio FFA Center                    9:00 a.m.


2/17                 Agricultural Sales CDE                                   Pickaway Ross                       3:00 PM  


2/23                 Public Speaking  CDE                         Amanda CC                            3:00pm


2/27                 Ag/ Power Diagnostics                                    _____TBA        (start time depends on heat1or2)


3/9                   District Officer Training                                 Fairfield Union                        4:00PM


3/15                 Ag Mechanics Skills CDE                              Teays Valley                           TBA


4/13                 Ag Communications CDE                              Amanda CC                                        4:00 PM


4/19                 Outdoor Power Equipment CDE                   Teays Valley                           3:00pm


4/20                 Ag Teachers Spring Meeting                          Ohio FFA Center                    4:00pm