District 7 Winter Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2017 FFA Center


The Winter Meeting of the District 7 Agricultural Educators was held on Monday, February 6, 2017 at the Ohio FFA Center.  The meeting was called to order at 2:37 p.m. by Rachel Scior.



      SecretaryÕs Report: Alyssa Bregel- Previous Minutes were submitted to the District webste. 

       Scott Sharp



      TreasurerÕs Report- Jake Wuebben

o      Balance is about $5,200

       Please hold off on paying dues until the transition of the new treasurer is established.


       Motion to accept reports- Scott Sharp

       Second to accept reports- Aaron Miller

       Reports passed


      Delegate Council—Tom Holton

o      None



      Legislative-Scott Sharp

o      Had a few Public Speaking and Ag. Sales CDE Reminders

o      Scott brought up to the delegate council about the issue with Ag. classes not having science credit because it is up to the local school board and NCAA if colleges will not accept it as a science credit.

       Scott is working with Ohio Farm Bureau to get something into legislation so they HAVE to accept it.

       Checking with various state committees to see if this is possible. Working with Ryan Curtis from ODE to make this happen.

       Discussion about State Standardized Testing


      Membership-Gina Neff

o      Pay your dues and talked about the benefits of joining these groups


      CDE Skills—Debra Burden

o      The committee is looking at substitution policy. They will be looking at this at their next meeting. It should be the teacher responsibility to know the rules. They are wanting to clarify it a little bit more for the state contests.

o      Reminded the teacherÕs about teh copyright rules and laws

o      Deb brought up that a lot of districts are developing their own CDE policy guides.

       Gina Neff, Megan Moorman, and Amy Myers are on the committee to help Deb. with this policy guide. Their goal is to have it ready to present at the April meeting.

       there was nothing for the committee


      Camp Board—Adam Staley

o      Nothing to report


      Mentor—Deb Burden/Susan Metzger

o      Make sure if you need, contact others for help. Everyone is willing to help

      Trophies—Jeff Tilley

o      Just a reminder to check the website for correct spellings and results BEFORE plaques are printed. Top 2 teams and top 3 individuals

o      www.acffa.org/d7


      Mentor- Jena Kemmerer

o      See Jena for a list of documents

      Advisory Council--Matt Weade

o      None


      Alumni-- Jeff Ellis

o      Feb. 18 at 9am is the convention for the alumni



      New Business

o      Jake Wuebben moved to bring forward Science acrediation for ag. classes that relates to science to legistlation. Megan Mooreman second. Motion Passed.

o      Day to fix award applications will be at Centerburg High Shool in Mrs. WeadeÕs room at 3:30-5:30PM February 8th.

      Aaron Hanselman moved to adjourn the meeting and Shawna Murlin second. Motion Passed

      Next meeting will be April 19, 2017 at 4PM at the Ohio FFA Center.


Respectfully Submitted,

Alyssa Bregel

Alyssa Bregel

District 7 FFA Secretary