Meeting of District 7 Agricultural Educators Ohio FFA Center

April 18, 2018, 4:00 P.M.



1.  David Little, CEV provided the meal, shared information, including certification options.


2.  John Henry- Central State University, trying to help fill National Ag Ed teacher shortage.  Approved for Bachelor of Science degree in Ag Ed and teacher license.  4 students currently enrolled. Articulation agreement with Clark State. There are 26, 2 year institutions where students can study ag. Will announce end of April/May Assistant Professor.  Several scholarships available and trying to build internship opportunities. 2 week summer camps, application due by April 30th.  Lowest tuition in Ohio


3.  Meeting called to Order by Tom Holton @ 4:48pm


4.  Retirees: Jeff Ellis-32 years


5.  Reports

A.    Secretary - Gina Neff- minutes from the Feb meeting are posted on the D7 Website

B.    Treasurer - Jake Wuebben- $6700.28 balance

C.   Delegate Council - Rachel Scior- 21 award applications, have been selected.  Winners have been notified, but no announcement.  160 members, starts over in June. Summer Conference- June 12-14th @ OSU.  Single day registration available. Available after state convention, hotel is available now.  

D.   Legislative - Scott Sharp- House Bill 108-business credits for ag business.  No changes in a year- there is an amendment to fix, may just “die” and nothing will change. Part of OAAE membership is legislative representation. Farm Bureau helps w/ this and helped to increase perkins funding. Would like to bring back a Session where administration, school board, etc meet with students/see FFA.  Include legislators.  Farm Bureau sponsor? Possibly Thursday morning brunch or Wednesday night.

E.    Membership - Gina Neff- Can pay for registration with summer conference.  Can pay for only the organizations you want. Pay your dues!

F.    CDE Advisory - Debra Burden- Flyers for sales and Nuts from Florida Farm Bureau.  REMINDER: if you are a district winning team and you can not attend state, it is your responsibility to contact Tom Oglesby and the next winning team. If you are unsure about subbing, contact Deb. Draft schedule, check the dates, make sure you still want to host.  For forestry, make sure to be there no later than 3:30 and soils will be in Ross County. Leadership night 11/14 tentative date.  Ag Com-23rd. Online tests will be on Tuesday for the upcoming year. REMINDER: if your school is cancelled on a testing day, contact Tom ASAP, as soon as you know your school is closed.  He will open the testing window the next day. Need to officially have a motion for number of creed speakers coming to District. Next meeting is May 23rd. 

G.   Camp Board - Adam Staley- See Camp report.  Camp has invested millions to improve facilities. Many new things.  There is a strategic planning session and looking ahead for the next 20 years.  Goal is to fill every session. Encourage students to attend camp. Looking to improve experience for teachers and bring their own kids. Youtube, FFA camp Muskingum, there is a camp video available.  May be a new video released at convention this year.

H.   Mentor - Jena Kemmerer- no report

I.      FFA Advisory - Matt Weade- Meeting in September

J.     Alumni - Jeff Ellis- life membership dues will go up August 1st to 240.  No Ohio dues, except chapter dues, $100 per chapter.  If you do not have 25 life members, additional $100.  for more information, Ron Tilford is the contact. 3rd gun raffle, can get tickets online.  $20, drawing everyday in May. State Convention was in Troy with OFBF. Make sure to check your membership roster for accuracy.  100 life members= WLC partial scholarship. Alumni for everyone, not just former members. Membership is due Nov, same as FFA.  Scholarships o the website as well.

K.    Trophies - Jeff Tilley- all results posted on website.  Will be starting soon making plaques, top 3 individuals, top 2 teams. Will bring plaques to State Convention, try to deliver to local schools.  Look for State boxes to get your stuff.


3.  Old Business

A.  No old business


4.  New Business

A.    Discuss 4 (count top 3) for Ag Mech and OPE- If only take 3 kids, will not be able to sub.  If bring 4, count top 3 scores, then you can have a sub. Jake moves to take up to 4 students to the District Ag Mech and OPE, but count the top 3 for scores. 2nd by Scott.  Discussion- each school will need to bring 4 stations instead of 3. 4th student can count activity towards state degree.  May cause issues with highest scoring kid not attending and then changing team placings. Will need to be similar to soils. Motion passes.

B.    Items for Delegate Council -Scott moves to take to delegate council and FFA advisory to develop a Thursday morning session that will be similar to the former blue and gold banquet for the 2019 State Convention.  2nd by Rachel.  Blue and Gold use to be a fundraising event, started by foundation.  Great to show school board and administrators what we are all about! Motion passes. NOTE: This is just district 7, contact other districts.

C.   Items for CDE Advisory- Gina moved that we follow state rules and allow 1 per chapter in the freshman creed speaking for the district contest. Megan 2nd.  Adam amended- strike out 1 per chapter, change to 3 per subdistrict. Deb 2nd. Discussion: there are 4 subdistricts.  12 max creed speakers.  Amendment: 12 for, 3 against.  Passes.  Motion: passes.

D.   Other Concerns- Jeff State Convention, had a dance.  Went to concert, now nothing.  Why was this removed?  Jeff moved that on Thursday night of the convention a dance will be held in the Rhoades center.  Aaron 2nd.  Will be sent to FFA Advisory

E.    Brandon- could there be an intermediate parli pro team on the district level?  Would be able to help train students, allow students. If 8th graders win the state, will no longer be able to be on a novice team. Brandon moves to take the to CDE advisory that there be an intermediate parli pro team for district and state contest. 2nd- Jeff Clarification- would be for 10th and 11th graders. Could be 1st year members. Would possibly need to judge other districts teams, as it is hard to find qualified judges. Subdistricts can have this anyways. For state degrees would count as an activity above the chapter level, if done at the subdistrict level only.

F.    Adam- representative for D6 & D7 on board of trustees.  Bring concerns to Adam.  National chapter awards seem to be declining- at next fall meeting, how can this be changed?  Sometimes its good writing that gets chapters recognized. It’s a difficult time judging. What are ideas that can make this some changes for recognition. Maybe set a year out after winning? Does Model of Innovation need revamped? It seems to be more of a writing contest than anything……

G.   Jeff- needs to be consistent about ids for state CDE’s. General rule of thumb if elimination contest, then should have ids?.  Jeff moved that the rule is consistent for elimination state CDE that ids are brought or no ids requested. Rachel 2nd.

H.   Plaques - If school is absent somebody from that county take plaques


5.  Adjourn-Jeff moved to Adjourn at 5:57 pm and 2nd by Kim Weiss.  Motion passes.


6.  ODE Report-Ryan Curtis


7.  2018-2019 District Meetings -

         August 22, 2018, 4:00 P.M. - Ohio FFA Center – Bring ideas for National Chapter!

         February 4, 2019, after regional evaluation - Ohio FFA Center

         April 16, 2019, 4:00 P.M. - Ohio FFA Center