District 7
 Region 3 Evaluation Meeting
February 4th, 2019
Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order by Tom Holton at 2:27pm
Announcements: April District meeting, volunteer or elect committees, Megan takes over as president at the fall meeting

Secretary Report: Posted to the District 7 Website/copy
Minutes stand as presented

Treasurer Report:
Accounts switched over from Jake to Christi
Opening Balance:$6,256.28
Income: $1,405
Expenses: 80.00
Ending Balance: $7,581.28
Pay district dues asap

Committee Chair ReportŐs
Legislative: Scott: Jenna from Farm Bureau and Chris from OACTE, think Dewine will be good to career tech, budget coming soon
Membership: Gina: nothing
CDE Advisory: Deb: meeting at end of February.  Reminder: General Livestock will be blind questions. Dairy going back to herd, not a cow.  Equine will use online test. Joel Albright will be working as a CDE coordinator.  Report subdistrict public speaking results.  Take 3 creed from subdistrict to district and 2 of all other categories.

For CDE Advisory Motion: At the state level at any contest, no more than 1 teacher from any school to serve as a judge, in an category. Moved by Scott. 2nd by Amy. Motion passed.

Camp Board: Adam: none
Mentor Program: Jenna: See Jenna before leaving today
District Trophies/Web Page: Jeff:  Let Jeff know if your information is incorrect on the webpage.  For CDE results, check names/spelling (this is what the trophy maker uses) and let Jeff know if anything needs fixed.

FFA Advisory: Matt: Met in September.  Star Award Interviews- possible change of doing something at State Convention vs. home visit. There will not be a dance, ever.  Blue/Gold Banquet-did not feel attendance was there, part of why administrators are recognized with State Officer on stage.

Alumni: Colton: March 9th at Der Dutchman Plain City Annual Meeting

OAAE Delegate Council Items; Meet in March
Motion: Bring up blue and gold concept to delegate council meeting. Moved by Scott, 2nd by Deb. Motion passed.

Old Business:

New Business
State Degree Corrections: Thursday, February 7th, from 1pm-5pm.  Bring to Tom Holton at East Knox.
Keep old book with sticky notes and print new book. Door facing west propped open, enter shop and then room.  Old ugly brown building.

District Events:
2/9- APD @ Franklin Equipment
2/13- Public Speaking & Ag Sales-Amanda Clearcreek @ 3pm
3/6- Officer Training- Farifield Union @ 4pm
3/14- Ag Mechanics- Teays Valley @ 3:30pm
4/9- OPE- Teays Valley @3:30pm
4/16-District Meeting-Ohio FFA Center @ 4pm.


Rachel moved to adjourn the meeting.  Shawna 2nd. Motion passes