Meeting of District 7 Agricultural Educators

Ohio FFA Center  - April 16, 2019, 4:00 P.M.



1. Call to Order by Tom Holton at 4:13pm


2. Reports

A.    Secretary - Gina Neff-posted on web site

B.    Treasurer - Christi Bachman-Balance $7581.28 from the last meeting
$713 dues paid, no expenses
8294.28 balance.  Some schools still need to pay dues.

C.   Delegate Council - Rachel Scior- Summer conference being planned/ready to go, June 11-13th.  Credit hours available.  XL8 selection done, will be contacted soon.  Officer nomination open- president elect, secretary, communications officer (after conference, amendment to constitution), mentor life saver recognition, 0-3 years experience can nominate teachers that have been helpful to you.

D.   Legislative - Scott Sharp- Decent shape, 5th quarter the same. DeWine seems to friend of career tech!

E.    Membership - Gina Neff- Pay your dues! Summer Conference to Summer Conference for the membership year.

F.    CDE Advisory - Debra Burden- meeting next month.  Last month, nothing voted on, just discussion. 

a.    Opening greenhand quiz to Ag Knowledge, open to all ages, students compete against the same age group.  In house writers would create the test. Other states and nationals are going to the this format. Possibly add a 2nd contest and keep greenhand quiz the same.

b.    State Novice Parli Pro and Advanced will be 2 separate days- 5 ag ed students read the questions in the preliminary  round (for consistency)

c.     All contest including finalist go with 7 day rule for post time, no results day of or if posted, it will not be official til 7 days later

G.   Camp Board - Adam Staley- registration open for camp.  Complete facelift. High ropes complete, no paint ball, laser tag instead. Want to fill up session- has been less kids than in the past. Up to 10 students, no advisor needed. Adventure valley up to date. Dining hall AC!

H.   Mentor - Jena Kemmerer- Receiving spring survival kit in the mail. 

A.    FFA Advisory - Matt Weade- no report.  Take to the next FFA advisory committee:  (motions in item E)

a.    Some type of banquet or brunch for legislators, school board members, school administrators, etc.

b.    Possibility of credential process through local farm bureaus

I.      Alumni - Colton Kreager-no report

J.     Trophies - Jeff Tilley- check names.  Top 2 teams, top 3 individuals.  Will try to have ready by State Convention.


3. Old Business- None


4. New Business

B.    Select Committee Chairs and Vice President

a.    Advisory Committee Chair- Gina for 2 year term

b.    Treasurer and Secretary will stay the same

c.     Membership Committee Chair- Tom

d.    Scott moved to keep officer position and chairs the same, including the 2 new nominees.  2nd by Adam. Motion passes

C.   Items for Delegate Council

a.    See item E

D.   Items for CDE Advisory

a.    None other than discussed in committee reports

E.    Other Concerns

a.    Scott moved and Deb 2nd to take to FFA advisory committee and Delegate Council to bring back to convention a session/brunch for legislators, school administrators, school board members, principals, etc for State Convention. Motion passes.

b.    Scott-moved and Rachel 2nd to send the credential discussion to FFA advisor and delegate council. (Missouri offers a credential through local Farm Bureau and county/district CDEs. Presented at the chapter banquet. Ohio does end of course assessments, Missouri chose credential, but had to come up with a way to show these credential and measure technical skill. Ohio had to do a credential application process to get credential listed. Have to show how being used and valuable to the industry.  Ag is an industry that doesnŐt hire on credentials.  )

c.     Discussed combining Food Science and Job Interview into 1 evening.  Will re-evaluate at the August meeting.

d.    Jenna moved and Rachel 2nd that the district provides food when food is not provided. Motion passes.

F.    Plaques - If school is absent somebody from that county take plaques


5. ODE Report- Matt Winkle


6. 2018-2019 District Meetings -

         August 20, 2019, 4:00 P.M. - Ohio FFA Center

         February 3, 2020, after regional evaluation - Ohio FFA Center

         April 21, 2020, 4:00 P.M. - Ohio FFA Center


7. Adjourn- Moved by Shawna and 2nd by Aaron to adjourn at 6:56pm.