February 3rd, 2020 District 7 Ag Educators Meeting

1.     Called to order at 2:43 pm at the Ohio FFA Center


2.     Reports:

a.     SecretaryÕs Report: Tom moved and Scott 2nd to approve to the secretary minutes, motion passed.

b.     TreasurerÕs Report: Current balance of $7,641.27. Tom moved and Josh 2nd to approve the treasurer report, motion passed.

c.     Delegate Council update: There will be a CASE-Brief in Ohio in June

d.     Legislative- No news on the Cupp Patterson bill.  If there are questions on credentials and EMIS for reimbursement, see Ryan Curtis.

e.     Membership- OAAE is getting a membership tracker.  Tom encourages everyone to pay their $80 OAAE dues and the benefits.

f.      Camp Board- Bring kids to camp!

g.     Mentor- No updates

h.     FFA Advisory- District placing proficiencies will no longer receive a plaque, students will

i.      receive money instead

j.      Alumni- Annual meeting coming up, check website for details

k.     Trophies- Same process as before (check the website for spelling)


3.     Old Business- none


4.     New Business

a.     Review District Policy Guide- send edits to Megan before the April Meeting

b.     CDE Advisory.

                                               i.     Jeff moved that if a CDE is going to be removed, teachers will be notified and have a chance to give their input. 2nd by Cody, motion passed.

                                             ii.     Chris moved that the top 2 individuals for Job Interviews score sheets be returned to the winners in 24 hours. Josh 2nd, motion passed.

c.     Other concerns

                                               i.     Discussion of moving to a rotating schedule for CDEs to share the hosting duties equally and not always have the same schools hosting. No formal motion.

                                             ii.     Tom moved for the district treasury to pay for the meals of teachers in attendance at the regional evaluation. Jeff 2nd, motion passed

5.     Next meeting,  April 21st, 2020 at Licking Valley High School

6.     Motion for adjournment by Tom, 2nd by Jeff. Motion passed, adjourned at 3:49pm.