Meeting of District 7 Agricultural Educators

Ohio FFA Center  - May 20, 2020



1.    Call to Order by Megan Moorman at 3:05pm

2.     Reports

a.    Secretary - Gina Neff-

                                          i.         minutes posted to D7 website, moved by Tom Holton 2nd by Jeff Tilley

b.    Treasurer - Christi Bachman-

                                          i.         balance 7641.27 income 611 expense 60 new balance 8192.27 moved by Tom Holton, 2nd by Cody McLain

c.     Delegate Council - Megan Moorman-

                                          i.         Summer Conference cancelled. Maybe something in fall or late summer.

                                         ii.         OAAE meeting June 11th

                                       iii.         Forwarded Email with a survey

                                        iv.         Officer elections electronically. Should have an email/info news letter for officer elections. Watch for electronic balance

                                         v.         Working on website and will be able to pay dues online or in person in the fall.

d.    Legislative - Scott Sharp

                                          i.         Cuts coming to budget due to COVID-19, 310 billion to K-12. Not much to be done about this. CTE funding should be safe.

e.    Membership - Tom Holton

                                          i.         Make sure to join! OAAE is 80, all is $295 (NAAE, OAAE, ACTE, OACTE), can google OAAE and pay online at the google site. Can print out and mail to OAAE @ 717 E 17th Ave. The more numbers in membership, the better our voice.  Scott Sharp: Extended funds can be used to pay your membership vs. paying out of pocket.

f.      CDE Advisory - Debra Burden

                                          i.         Plans are being made to hold the CDEs that were postponed, details soon, check state newsletter.  No real timeline available.

g.    Camp Board - Adam Staley

                                          i.         From newsletter no June sessions, optimistic for July dates. Available for other outings

                                         ii.         No income to camp, difficult decisions are coming.  Could close camp for the summer. Looking at other options- furlough workers and may not get them back if reopen. (Will keep Todd and maintenance) July- May have families take a vacation at camp, 10 people- only source of income until restrictions are lifted. Todd has offered to cut his salary in half to keep camp going.

                                       iii.         Some federal assistance was received, but will be running out.

                                        iv.         Donation from the District:  Scott Sharp moved that D7 donate 2000 to FFA camp, 2nd by Christi Bachman. Motion passes

                                         v.         Jeff Tilley suggests talking to other ag teachers and see if their districts can donate money as well. May see if chapters can donate as well

                                        vi.         If camp opens, check on the possibility of chapters going together to have their own mini camps if things lifted/allowed by the schools.

h.    Mentor - Jena Kemmerer

                                          i.         Check email for a form to create an updated list. Reach out if you need anything

i.      FFA Advisory - Gina Neff

                                          i.         No update from last time

j.      Alumni - Colton Kreager

                                          i.         No update

k.     Trophies - Jeff Tilley

                                          i.         Will be in touch and will move forward as normal for CDEs completed. Will look at distribution later.

3.    Old Business

a.    Review District Policy Guide

                                          i.         Wait until the fall to discuss

4.    New Business

a.    District Calendar

                                          i.         Deb Burdenhas put some dates together based on previous. Have to wait for state dates to finalize. Will approve in the fall

b.    Leadership Night 2 hosts, 1 alternate

                                          i.         Amanda Clearcreek, Utica, and Linden-McKinley volunteered

                                         ii.         Rachel Scior moved for Amanda Clearcreek and Utica to host.Tom Holton 2nd.

                                       iii.         Gina Neff moved to amend to add that Linden-McKinley be the alternate. Tom Holton 2nd. Amendment passes

                                        iv.         Revised Motion passes. Amanda Clearcreek and Utica will host leadership nights for 2020-2021, with Linden-McKinley as the alternate.

                                         v.         Photos of all teachers: Shared Folder

1.    Working to put together an online directory

2.    Drop a picture in the shared folder, update the list that is being shared as well

c.     Items for Delegate Council

                                          i.         None

d.    Items for CDE Advisory

                                          i.         Question: Will all contests be completed or just National bound teams?

                                         ii.         State Ag Sales: 2 sets of judges, big difference in scores between the 2. Is this necessary? Teams that went feltl the order and

5.    ODE Report- Questions for Ryan

a.    Keys: End of course grades are an alternative to webxam.

b.    FFA celebration successful for what it was

c.     Concentrator: FY20, enrolled in CTE course within the pathway.  If enrolled and completed 2 courses (90% OF SEAT TIME, FULL OR PARTIAL CREDIT).

d.    Not getting a diploma- not able to replace webxam score with a grade

e.    If need to retest kids who leave the program, may need to work with school and or career center.

f.      Follow up survey reported 1 time. Will be in the last program of concentration. If kid takes 2 year of ag in 9th and 10th grade, but not more, will need to do the follow up survey.

g.    National chapter is being done virtually, working on a plan for self paced agriscience fair review. Tracey is shooting for July to meet for proficiency reviews.  No dates have been set.

6.     Adjourn

Tom Holton moves to adjourn, Jeff Tilley 2nd. Adjourned at 4:12pm.