Meeting of District 7 Agricultural Educators

Virtual  - January 5, 2021 3:00 PM

1.    Call to Order 3:05pm, Megan Moorman presiding

2.     Reports

a.    Secretary - Christine Balint

                                          i.         Minutes from 12/21/2021 were read.

b.    Treasurer - Christi Bachman

                                          i.         Paid - Northridge, Adena, Utica, Teays Valley, Amanda Clearcreek

                                         ii.         If you havenŐt paid, pay ASAP

                                       iii.         DonŐt forget to do your State/National Membership

                                        iv.         Invoice on district website to use to turn into Treasurer

                                         v.         Balance: $634 (month) →$6,826.27 (current)

                                        vi.         Thank you letter received from Camp on our donation

c.     Delegate Council - Megan Moorman

                                          i.         Check the bottom of the notes for the nomination information and forms. Please try to nominate at least one person. More information coming Friday.

d.    Legislative - Scott Sharp

                                          i.         Updates coming soon from CTE partners

                                         ii.         Legislative committee meeting later today to talk about in person activities (state convention) - basically considering in person activities so that our leadership activities are represented for the students. Approach from CTE not necessarily Ag to get Governor support.

                                       iii.         Do we want to bring this to the delegate council again? Scott to check in.

e.    Membership - Tom Holton

                                          i.         PAY YOUR DUES! State funds can be used to pay these dues.

f.      CDE Advisory - Debra Burden

                                          i.         Absent..

g.    Camp Board - Adam Staley

                                          i.         Meeting next month - talking with Todd, hoping this summer they will offer different classes (day camps). More information after the next meeting. Running on skeleton staff with no revenue.

h.    Mentor - Jena Kemmerer

                                          i.         New members to D7 send your information to Jena (1,2,3 year teachers!)

i.      FFA Advisory - Gina Neff

                                          i.         No updates

j.      Alumni - Colton Kreager

                                          i.         No updates

k.     Trophies - Jeff Tilley

                                          i.         Make sure you check the district website and the student names to make sure they are correct before plaques are made. As contests are completed, send the results to Jeff so they can be posted on the website.

3.    Old Business

a.    District Calendar

                                          i.         Contests that need district elimination

                                         ii.         Who is still willing to host?

1.    AC is still willing to host, will most likely go virtual. (Ag Comm)

a.    District 7 Ag Comm MOVED from 1/20 to 2/4 @ 3pm

2.    APD - No in person

3.    Ag Sales - Westfall is still willing to host, but will be virtual.

4.    AC hosting speaking and ag sales on 2/17 - virtual and scheduling times - closer to event a schedule for signing up will be sent out

a.    Send manuscripts for judges when scheduling times

5.    Fairfield Union still hosting District Officer Speaking - virtual - same date and time 3/10 @ 4pm

6.    No in person for Ag Mech or Outdoor Power

7.    Ag Spring Meeting for D6/D7 is 4/12/2021.

                                       iii.         UPDATED CALENDAR TO COME

                                        iv.         Jeff can use the remind (under 140 characters or a URL to find information as well)

4.    New Business

a.    Teacher Acknowledgement Forms

                                          i.         Make sure to submit your form to Brenda

b.    Items for FFA Advisory

                                          i.         See below

c.     Items for Delegate Council

                                          i.         Scott Sharp moves to have District 7 representatives talk to all needed councils and committees and all divisions of CTE to approach the Governor for approval for in person activities. Seconded by Debra Burden. Motion passes.

                                         ii.         Gina Neff moves to have District 7 approach FFA Advisory and any additional committee/council to confirm that the 2020 Ohio FFA Celebration virtual event counts for all students and not for only 2020 graduates applying for their Ohio State Degree. Seconded by Tom Holton. Motion passes.

1.    Jeff Tiley went through the Board of Trustees letter and there is a section (back of page 6) where the Board moved to have the virtual celebration count for only 2020 graduates.

2.    Make sure to use professional wording in the email to the top four representatives at the state level and add your personal. Megan and Scott will work on a draft letter for us to utilize later on.

d.    Items for CDE Advisory

e.    Other Concerns

                                          i.         Open Discussion occurred over concerns with communication on CDEs and potential to approach the Board of Trustees.


Gina Neff moves to adjourn, seconded by Aaron Gates to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 4:38pm.

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