District 7 Evaluation Meeting


Presiding: Megan Moorman


Current Timeline on District Evaluations:

1/11 -  (Week of, TBD) Evaluation Training in Online System, State and American Degree Refresher / First Timers

1/14 - Applications Uploaded to Application Manager

1/15 - 1/18 - Evaluate Applications (1 person to check this week)

1/18 - 1/22 - Second check/corrections

1/22 - Resubmit after corrections

1/31 - Submit to Regionals


Notes from Meeting:

Thursday Night - District Chair Meeting

-       No paper versions AT ALL (sub/district)

-       Same system through AET and regionals

-       Similar to how Agriscience Fair applications are submitted

-       Must submit version code through state system through district chair AET account

-       Recommended that there are two rounds of evaluations, however this cannot be done in tandem, it must be one evaluation (approved or no), then it would be evaluated again by someone else.


Question to District? - in order to have time for people to make edits, looking at original due date (1/14) -- MUCH earlier than regular sub-districts

-       2 Set of eyes highly recommended by the state.

-       Proficiencies are not at district level this year.

-       State/American due midnight on 14th

-       Sub-districts can choose who evaluates what degrees, but must make sure that all are checked twice.

-       **Check the evaluation letter on OhioFFA for proposed deadlines.

-       January 6th training for chairs, and then we will host another training for all districts.

-       Training shows how to submit through the AET grading system

-       Print PDF and version code...etc State update on 1/7

-       This timeline is for sub districts at this time.

-       Under reports in AET, go to interactive book, this is what will be utilized for grading and evaluations


Check with Ryan Curtis email and newsletter for 1/7 State check in (5pm?).


Adjourned by Christine Balint

Seconded by Debra Burden

Meeting Adjourned at 12:25pm