Meeting of District 7 Agricultural Educators

Virtual  - August 25, 2020 4:00 PM


1.    Call to Order- by Megan Moorman at 4:02 pm

2.     Reports

a.    Secretary - Gina Neff- emailed out, Tilley will post, Moved by: Tom Holton, 2nd by Rachel Scior, motion passes

b.    Treasurer - Christi Bachman- sent 2000 to FFA camp, Moved by Tom, 2nd by Deb Burden, motion passes

c.     Delegate Council - Megan Moorman- OAAE update at bottom of the agenda, membership benefits, email sent about joining. Brand new website. Website fastest and easy way to pay dues, but all other forms available. School can pay dues through CTE funding (if treasurer allows). Join OAAE- need #s given current circumstances. NAAE conference is virtual, recommend taking some of the sessions. Delegate council will meet in September, probably have more information after that. 

                                          i.         Rachel- plans to do a monthly round table, check with Rachel for content/helping or needs for the round table

d.    Legislative - Scott Sharp- not much affecting us based on other events/cuts happening. Last update was over the summer.  Our funding should be safe, (education has taken budget cuts, but Career Tech money is relatively safe, since from Perkins.) Funding is still frozen, same amount as 2 years ago.  May change in the Spring or may stay frozen. If you need to look at money, you should be able to show this- can look at weighted funds worksheet through ODE. Working on the upcoming budget, to make sure changes are not missed. State Budget will come out in the Spring. Membership #s will help.

e.    Membership - Tom Holton- Check MeganÕs membership email! Will receive reminders from the website once you have logged in and did some of the registration pieces.  JOIN our professional organization! Stephanie Jolliff is the treasurer, please let her know if you have questions about the website.

f.      CDE Advisory - Debra Burden-Make up ENR, General, Meats is Thursday. Not a lot of answers to the questions that we have!

g.    Camp Board - Adam Staley- No updates at this time. Lots going on financially.  Will email information as more information is available.  All camps are cancelled for this fall.

                                          i.         AdamÕs term is up on the board of trustee. Ryan Curtis- Regional 3 trustee is Erin Wollet from D6 for the next year.  Mentor - Jena Kemmerer-will be sending out form to find out who new teachers are and create a directory for this year. 3 new teachers to the district!

h.    FFA Advisory - Gina Neff- September 17th meeting, see below for items being taken to the Advisory committee

i.      Alumni - Colton Kreager- not present

j.      Trophies - Jeff Tilley- will contact and see about getting trophies made for spring events that were completed, since materials are now available.

3.    Old Business

a.    District Calendar- survey shows that there are many factors which will affect the events. Deb- wait until the September 2nd meeting and see what happens after that. Keep the dates available.  Several agree need to wait, be thinking about how to take things to an online format. Stay tentative until update. Tom- not all things lend to virtual, be open to rescheduling events as needed, depending on the state. Christi- possibility of reducing # of CDEs? No answer! According to Ryan, may revisit after 2019-2020 CDemakes up to figure out what to do.

4.    New Business

a.    District Events In-person vs online: Wait until after the September update. Board of Trustees is meeting Thursday (the 27th) to help make some decisions to be shared by Sept 2nd. update.

b.    State Degree requirements- How would you account for attendance to some of the virtual events? Scott: Will National FFA put out information for American Degrees? Ryan: No guidance document yet, but will check with Matt. Can provide recommendation/asking for guidance to be sent to National FFA (

c.     Term-limits (6-year max for CDE and Advisory)- Gina in her 2nd year for advisory (1st term).  Deb on 2nd term  (4 years).  Ryan- 3 consecutive terms, take 1 term off (2 years is a term).

d.    Elect VP- Discussion of age/ benefits/cons of taking on the position.  Gina Neff nominated and voted to serve as the VP.  Christine Balint nominated and voted to serve as the secretary. Gina will stay as advisory committee member for now.

e.    Items for FFA Advisory - See below

f.      Items for Delegate Council- none

g.    Items for CDE Advisory-some COVID things have been passed through this committee and on to the trustee meeting. (Grads participate, etc)

                                          i.         Forestry- could be online, but not ideal. First place team would not go to National Convention in 2020,  do they go to 2021 Big E? Instead of 2nd place team. 

                                         ii.         Tom Holton: If fall online only, move soils to spring to have in in ground event, before the National Competition. 2nd. By Scott Sharp. Motion passes.

h.    Other Concerns-

                                          i.         Costs for CDE the same when all online?  Need to make a recommendation for costs to CDE? Not sure what it costs to host these events online. What is the break even point for the state? Online test that leads up to an in person activity: Only kids who go to the in person are invoiced.  If online only, all kids who take the test get charged. No recommendation for fee reduction but we feel we need guidance from the state.

                                         ii.         Other states can order fruit sales on line and complete a drive thru pick up. (Offered by State) is this something that Ohio can look into?  Ryan: Take to advisory and reach out to Jessica. May look into what your vendors provide but may not be cost effective.

                                       iii.         Next district meeting date: Deb Moved to hold 9/3, Scott 2nd. Motion passes. At 4pm.

5.    ODE - Questions for Ryan (Report will follow in statewide update TBD)

a.    3: 30-5pm on 9/2/2020 for Statewide Update with an updated platform from the spring. Will have more information after that date.  Keep communicating with ODE about what we think is best for kids!

6.     Adjourn- Moved by Tom Holton, 2nd by Rachel Scior. Motion passes. Adjourned at 5:43 pm.



OAAE Updates:

Membership Benefits: Forwarded Email with how to join!


To Advisory Committee: (September 17th)

Scott Sharp:

Virtual events will count unless there is an in person option in the future, but virtual events will follow the students FFA career.  Tom Holton 2nd.  Motion passes.


Adam Staley

Have Ohio FFA/Ohio FFA Foundation look into purchasing an online platform for Ohio FFA chapters to utilize. Jeff Tilley 2nd. Motion passes.