District 7 Ag. Teachers Meeting Agenda Date: 8/24/2021

1. Call to Order &; Welcome 4pm- Gina Neff

a. Meeting was called to order at the Ohio FFA Center by president Gina Neff at 4:03pm. DB Yummers served a light dinner and BBQ sauce!

b. Teacher Introduction: Name, School and Favorite Subject to teach i. Welcome new teachers (both to the district and to teaching!)

2. Special Guest Reports

a. D.B. Yummers

i. Price increase for the BBQ, $34 a case. Please make note.

b. Chapterpay.com

i. Payment service platform for ag teachers. Work with majority strategies - largest ad form in the country. PCI level 1 (highest security for financial platform - from raisethemoney.com partnership allows for this). Create online reports for the treasurer. Includes fundraisers, banquets, and dues. Uses a link for online payment for students.

c. OSU

i. Shannon Washburn, chair of ACEL at OSU spoke and Dr. Caryn Filson: Come to FSR and visit the Gwen Conservation Center for teacher quick learning sessions with OSU juniors. Congrats to Dr. Filson on her

Distinguished Alumni Teaching award from OSU (not the right name, but cool award). New member of Dr. Kelly Claflin - part of the ag education section of ACEL, new lead (point of contact) for teacher professional

development. Looking for professional development ideas: can email to any member of ACEL of ideas.

d. Central State University

i. Unable to attend, but send their welcomes

3. Officer Reports:

a. Secretary - Christine Balint

i. Read and moved to approve by Deb Burden, seconded by Tom Holton. Motion passes.

b. Treasurer - Christi Bachman

i. $7,761.27 - starting balance

ii. Income: 199 dues

iii. Expenses/donations - 2000 FFA Camp, 55 mentor gifts, 275 district awards

iv. $5,630.27 -current balance

v. Read and approved by Adam Staley and seconded by Megan Moorman. Motion passes.

c. Delegate Council - Megan Moorman

i. Have not had a meeting, but there will be one coming up. They will be looking for members for the 100 year banquet celebration.

d. Legislative - Scott Sharp

i. No funding frozen!! Funding is now based on this year's numbers. CDE is doing very well, but the form will be different. Scott’s contacts say the

formula is doing great.

e. Membership - Tom Holton

i. Go to the OAAE website and fill out the form for memberships. You should join. He is adamant.

f. CDE Advisory - Debra Burden

i. Changes to general rules and regulations for CDE.We covered these changes.

1. In order to participate in a state contest, the state dues MUST be


2. Students that fail to enter a chapter # will be disqualified and not

be counted toward team score.

3. Get proctors in Qbank - see list of qualifying individuals.

g. Camp Board - Adam Staley

i. Sept 24th next meeting.

h. Mentor - Jena Kemmerer

i. If you are a 1,2,3 year teacher please see Jena for your contact

information. Reach out to counties that you are stationed in for help! Look into the Teacher Success Series for some helpful professional resources. Get information to Jena, Jeff Tilley, and Deb Burden.

i. FFA Advisory – Jennifer Johnston

i. Meeting on Sept 16th.

j. Alumni - Colton Kreager

i. Absent, watch your email for updates. Not much updated information at this time.

k. Trophies - Jeff Tilley

i. If you do not have your awards from last year, grab the awards (or contact Jeff Tilley) to grab them. There is a district 7 website - can find off of

ohioffa.org. Anything you need on the website, send to Jeff. DOUBLE check the names for top three student individuals. Contest host, send results to Jeff.

4. Old Business: None

5. New Business:

a. 2021-2022 District Calendar

i. Deb Burden - DRAFT copy was emailed and hard copies were given out. Still working to finalize dates.

ii. District soils will be 9/28/2021 - OLLC will be on 9/29. 

iii. See Food Science and Job Interview hosted a Zane Trace - see separate teachers for each contest lead.

iv. Parli pro is earlier this year, take note on the draft schedule.

v. Ag Comm date is finalizing - will find the date closer to the contest (AC, Westfall, East Knox normally compete).

vi. Location for Ag Industrial Diagnostics dictates the location. Preferred dates? Looking for Sat or Thursday dates Jan (5th or 10th) - dependent on which dealership decides WHEN. Chris Turner will let us know ASAP. When you send results to Deb, they need to be in sheets or excel for editing.

b. Teacher Acknowledgement Forms

i. Grab from ohioffa.org and scan the signed document to BRENDA. c. District Policy Guide- Gina Neff

i. Needs to be developed to make sure we have cordial meetings and discussions in the future (and currently). Suggested to form a small committee to look at the current policy guide. Hoping to bring back in time for the Spring Meeting. Gina, Christine, Megan currently volunteered. If you are interested in joining, let Gina know. If in person, Tom will join and help.

d. Creation of Google Account for D7-Gina Neff

i. Alternative to current website (potential loss from lack of software) - can be a sharing point for all district members. Housed in one location and can be passed down to different presidents. Gina will look into this more. e. Items for Delegate Council

i. Meeting sometime in October. Ideas for 100th celebration banquet, let Tom Holden know. Items from the Spring meeting will be sent to delegate council and FFA advisory.

ii. Deb moves for OAAE to seek out to see if convention attendees can receive CEU credits for state updates. Seconded by Tom. Motion passes.

f. Items for CDE Advisory

i. Some CDEs must take the test for the national Board of Trustees prior to the convention to see who can even compete at the national convention! Tom believes that we need to address that if a team wins a state competition, no matter the state size, to allow the students to compete at the national level, versus taking a virtual test and “qualifying” from a virtual test.

ii. Tom moved that all national CDEs get to compete at Nationals with no elimination prior to National competition. Seconded by Megan M. Motion passes.

1. (Tom mentioned that all top individuals in the state compete at Nationals even if not on the teams that get to move on if there is an elimination event.)

iii. Intermediate parliamentary procedure contest.

1. Brandon moves to have a district wide intermediate

parliamentary procedure contest following advanced

parliamentary procedure rules, allowing one team to move on per sub-district, for the 2021 year if judges are available.

Seconded by Tom. Motion passes.

2. Brandon moves to take consideration to councils to add a

statewide intermediate parliamentary procedure contest at

the state level following the advanced parliamentary

procedure rules. Seconded Megan M. Motion passes.


g. Items for FFA Advisory

i. See delegate council notes.

ii. Brandon moves to take consideration to councils to add a statewide intermediate parliamentary procedure contest at the state level

following the advanced parliamentary procedure rules. Second

Megan M. Motion passes.

6. Ohio Department of Education Update

7. Adjourn. Moved by Deb, Seconded by Aaron Gates. Motion passes.